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  Welcome!!  We are a small Blueberry and Muscadine Grape farm located in North Florida and have been in operation since 2004.  After spending many years in the hustle and bustle life style of the big city, we decided to slow down our pace some and purchased the farm.  Slow down may be a bit of stretch, but it keeps us out of the traffic.  We have spent numerous months in getting the farm back into operable shape to be able to produce quality late season Blueberries and the favorite grape of the south, the Muscadine Grape.  We currently only have the Fry (Bronze) Scuppernong, Noble (Red), and Carols (White) variety of Muscadine grape and are open for U-Pick during the growing season.  June - July for Blueberries and August - October for the Muscadine Grapes.  Our newly planted Lake Emerald Bunch Grapes should be in full production in June/July of 2009.  To date the two most popular muscadine grapes for the production of Muscadine wine are the Noble and Carols, but the Lake Emerald makes a nice wine also.  Our goal for the future is to add a line of  Muscadine Wine, both red and white, along with a Blueberry and a Blueberry Port Wine to our product list.  See our Suwannee River Valley Winery page for more details on the wine and home wine making equipment and supplies store, Suwannee River Valley Winery, LLC.  We also sell frozen Blueberries and Muscadine Grapes annually until our supply is exhausted each year.  Unfortunately due to EXTREMELY HIGH shipping costs, we have to limit the sale of our frozen products to a reasonable delivery area.  Specifically from the panhandle of Florida and southern Alabama to as far north in central Georgia as Atlanta and as far south as central Florida.  See our Products page for details.  We been submitted our home made wines since 2008 to the Florida State Fair International Wine Competition (Amateur Division).  And our wines have been honored with numerous Bronz and Silver Medals for our efforts.

We also have a 28' X 96'X 12' Greenhouse in which we grow herbs and vegetables.  We take fresh cut herbs and potted herbs, vegetables, and seasonal fruit (Blueberries and Grapes) to Farmers Markets in the North Florida.  We also supply our fresh grown cut herbs, fresh and frozen Blueberries, and fresh picked Muscadine Grapes to the New Leaf Market in Tallahassee, FL.

So for now, thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you soon at our Suwannee River Valley Winery store or at one of the Farmers Markets referenced above.  You may also visit with us at our farm if you choose to pick your own or to pick up what you have previously ordered.  Please bookmark this site and return again.

                         SEE YA LATER!!





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